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Tokyo Ghoul 2015 Special Illustration Calendar
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B1A4 celebrates Baro’s birthday in the Philippines



In a behind the scenes clip for B1A4’s current live tour called “2014 Road Trip,” the group is seen having a small celebration for Baro’s 22nd birthday (23 Korean age). 

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A Korean pop group called Ladies Code was in a car accident last night; one of the members, a 21 year old named EunBi, died.  The driver died as well, and other members as well as members of their stylist team were horribly injured.  At least one member of the group has been in surgery for seven hours and it’s been said that there are people in critical condition.

Twitter user kysadrian took it upon themselves to tweet a bunch of really fucked up and racist things.  I’m not even a fan of Ladies Code but I would appreciate it if everyone could take the time to report them on twitter and boost this post so others can do the same.

(note: the Korean in the tweet above says “I’m glad that girl is dead”.  They also posted a Vine talking about how Asian people can’t drive because their eyes are too small.)

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The Unbearable Truth





The real reason why my best friend and I went to Hong Kong

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idk how im gonna stop. this one’s cheondung.

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have u accepted ur lord and savior doom dara and doom dada?

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Ookami shoujo to kuro ouji pv

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